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The Kevin MacLean Band

Kevin Maclean will make sure you have a good time.

When he and his three piece take the stage you better make sure you have a drink in your hand because the party is about to start.

"How’s everybody doing tonight?" is an almost meaningless question because every band on the planet usually fills space with that query.

For The Kevin Maclean Band it is a yardstick and it is a question that is repeated over the course of the night and thanks to the quartet’s upbeat, and festive mix of material from their stellar 2002 debut CD All The Good People and some well chosen, festive covers, it is a question that is almost always answered with a resounding roar of approval.

Maclean’s commitment to his audience is reflected in the very title of his first original album. "You are all the good people!" the singer and Master of Ceremonies can be heard to say to his increasingly devoted and often rabid audience on any given night.

This is not idle praise Kevin and his’s a statement of fact that defines everything he does on stage.

Nine years since his first gig and two years since he locked into the best band of his still evolving career, Maclean has plenty of reasons to celebrate and he wants to make sure he doesn’t do it alone.

With a sound that draws from the best elements of folk, pub and modern rock, the Kevin Maclean Band have been honed through countless gigs and a good natured camaraderie into a finely crafted, rock and roll machine.

Bassist Shelly Woods is the band’s musical foundation proven by his numerous awards and impressive musical history. Best known for his work with the Juno Award winning group The Killjoys (Best New Group 1996), Woods has firmly established himself as an impressive instrumentalist with a distinctive style that seems to be as rhythmic as it is melodic.

From his perch behind the band you will find the great Ray Farrugia. Keeping time with his drums for the better part of three decades, Farrugia brings his considerable experience to the Kevin Maclean Band. From the dawn of punk to the rock of the Juno Award winning outfit Junkhouse, Farrugia is one of those players who makes it look easy but he is the one that gives the band its soul.

Sharing the front-line with Maclean is the gifted Rob Cutting. With a stature as impressive as his playing, Cutting is simply a captivating presence. His guitar playing is both subtle and explosive, betraying his jazz education as well as his inherent need to rock. When Rob is onstage, you can’t help but watch him.

Together, these four musicians form the Kevin Maclean Band and they have perfected the art of having a good time through great music.